How it works

ContractSpy is proud to be the UK's First Direct Contract Aggregator. We discover, validate, aggregate, and publish IT Contract opportunities from Direct (non-agency) Companies, so that IT Contractors can go agency-free.


We monitor over 1900 Company websites and ATS systems, and over 70 Job Boards for Direct Contracting Opportunities. As we trawl the internet to find published vacancies, we don't have a commercial relationship with any clients and can work solely for the benefit of the contractor.


Each of the direct contract opportunities we discover is subjected to a rigorous validation process. Agency contracts are excluded, as are other "fixed-term contracts" and "employment contracts" that might have made it through the initial selection. If there is doubt over a particular role, we will seek to establish the true nature of the opportunity by calling up the company to get clarification. We can therefore be confident that what remains are exclusively day rate opportunities for the dedicated contractor or freelancer.


All of the opportunities from that day's monitoring are pooled together and duplicates eliminated, leaving a total that is usually between 40 and 60 genuine day rate opportunities across IT. 


The day's aggregated opportunities are added to our searchable database in real time, and published in an email digest (last 50 roles max) straight  to the inbox of all members. Publication takes place every working day, usually between 3.00 and 5.30pm, and our searchable database is available to members at any time, complete with an email alert facility to alert you to your ideal direct contract.

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